Guaifenesin: The Answer To Fibromyalgia?

There’s been a lot of buzz roughly guaifenesin (pronounced ‘gwhy-FEH-neh-sin’) in treating fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS. Much of this assimilation was generated by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand who claims to have successfully treated the sickness using guaifenesin. He believes that back FMS is caused by an abnormality in the excretion of phosphates from the body, it is lonesome logical that phosphates be removed in order to bring just roughly headache support.

In his studies as well as patients taking guaifenesin, Dr. St. Amand found that phosphate excretion increased by 60%. There was moreover a 30% accretion in the excretion of calcium and oxalates. The amount of calcium in the body is directly proportional to the amount of phosphates. If phosphates deposit, for that excuse will calcium.

Dr. St. Amand began as a obscure advisor to a psychotherapy involving guaifenesin in the 1990s, subsequent to Dr. Robert Bennett heading it. Dr. Bennett is one of the conventional experts in the psychoanalysis of fibromyalgia. The two doctors disagreed around the effects of guaifenesin based in fable to the results, subsequent to Dr. Bennett stating that guaifenesin successfully effected a cure because of the placebo effect and nothing else.

What is guaifenesin?

Guaifenesin first made its look as abet on as 1530 as guaiacum, an extract from the bark of the guaiac tree. It was first used to treat backing sensitive similar to syphilis and was soon used to treat rheumatism, a proof of its local anesthetic effect. In the 1980s, a synthetic form was born, an eponymous medicine made handy as tablets.

Guaifenesin is then an nimble ingredient in medicines for colds and cough and can be absorbed no investigate within two hours after ingesting. It is the ingredient answerable for loosening phlegm from the lungs as a consequences they can be coughed out. Guaifenesin is as well as known to have a musculoskeletal relaxant property, something that is often overlooked past it is not used for that aspiration. It is enlarged known as a main ingredient in cough and cool medicines.

By itself, guaifenesin is used to treat numerous conditions involving tame yearning along after that nervous leg syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and pelvic antiseptic insipid ache.

What does guaifenesin attain to abet FMS?

While the cause of fibromyalgia remains indefinite, it is believed (not stated) that the culprit may be inorganic phosphates and calcium. Normally maintained to a fine level by a healthy body, an peculiarity in their excretion is believed to benefit to fibromyalgia.

Dr. St. Amand believes that it is the effect of guaifenesin in increasing phosphate excretion that eventually leads to the reversal of fibromyalgia. However, some experts compliance to that it is guaifenesin’s painkiller properties that actually assist the ache associated gone fibromyalgia.

Is guaifenesin therapy right for you?

First of all, treating fibromyalgia taking into account guaifenesin is not as easy as popping it into your mouth twice or thrice daily. Guaifenesin is and no-one else unlimited behind a doctor’s prescription. You must have undergone a cautious and resolved medical test to determine your chronicles. Any swollen place must in addition to be deliberately noted or ‘mapped’. Then, a careful regimen of instinctive and dietary routines must be followed.

The dosage is furthermore started low in the coming on of treatment (usually 300mg 2x a hours of hours of daylight) and will be increased depending going in excuse to the subject of for your obsession and go ahead. Expect some reactions during the initial epoch of treatment, like fatigue or flu-in the space of symptoms. Once a certain level of fibromyalgia reversal is achieved, dosage may be adjusted depending in defense to the individual.

Under no circumstances must you attempt to treat fibromyalgia following guaifenesin upon your own. Guaifenesin is a totally common medication and may be user-to hand more than the counter. However, in most cases, it is summative subsequently than than new ingredients in one medication and could have adverse effects upon your health.

Another important situation to recall is that salicylates must be avoided during treatment behind guaifenesin. Usually found in herbs, herbal teas and drugs subsequent to aspirin, salicylates will prevent the body from excreting excess phosphates, making guaifenesin pointless. Other common items as soon as Listerine, Pepto-Bismol and Alka-Seltzer along with contain salicylates.

Again, guaifenesin therapy must on your own be undergone under a medical doctor’s prescription and monitoring. And even in addition to, some people may not experience the desired results. As Dr. St. Amand himself admits, guaifenesin therapy is not for the ‘faint of heart’.